Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well on our way

Stuffy nose, short of breath, swollen ankles, can’t put your own shoes on pregnant! Today was my 34week check up; happy to report everything looks good and is completely normal. My iron levels have come up quite a bit! We are well on our way now, with just 5 weeks to go! The countdown has really begun, especially because I will only be working for 3 more weeks! Yippee! I’m super excited to see the students again after Spring Break and return to the frequent pregnancy questions and hands on my belly!

On Easter Sunday we had lunch with a family here who has three small kids, the youngest a daughter. Maria had tons of baby clothes in her attic- all hand-me-downs she had received from some other generous soul. So I had a blast going through and picking out my favorites and mostly stocking up on warm winter garb for the baby. I think I am most excited about baby Bowen getting to wear some of her girl cousins’ cute outfits, but it was also really nice to get some of these well-worn outfits. I definitely do not have an excuse to buy my own baby clothes now (besides the three pieces I bought in France, just so my baby could have something “cultural.”)
This past weekend was our mission’s (Teach Beyond) retreat close to Stuttgart. We took a 5-hour train ride there and back along with about fifty other BFA people and then met everyone else up at the retreat center who had driven. The train ride there was quite exciting and fun to chat with friends and get to hang out with all the young Resident Assistants that we never get to see because they are always in the dorm. But, the ride back was quite miserable for me- my ankles were so swollen partly due to the heat and just sitting there. And I don’t enjoy using public train bathrooms multiple times. The retreat was worth it though. We had free time to explore and sight see as well as a couple info sessions which included some really exciting new plans with Teach Beyond (no we still are not getting paid), but they are opening a school in Zurich and have a vision for five new schools in North Africa. It was really exciting to learn more about Teach Beyond’s mission in reaching children for Christ through education!

Tomorrow we begin the free fall until graduation. This time of year just flies by! I’m looking forward to cheering the jv girls’ soccer team on as Bo coaches for his second year. I’m also busy, of course, trying to mentally prepare for the baby’s room. Since I won’t have a nursery until after we return from our summer HMA, this is difficult, but doable. I’m really happy that three of my girlfriends here are hosting a small shower for me- April 25th! Even though we are far from family, I feel good about knowing how many supporting friends we have here in Kandern.


  1. wee... thanks for doing such a good job of including all of us in the day-to-days of your pregnancy. I wish I could put my hand on your belly too - maybe feel her kick. All of us do. lymym

  2. you are looking so great Leigh!! I can't believe you are so very close to holding your little girl and being a momma!
    Love ya!