Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini Watermelon

That is how big the baby is this week. We officially have ONE WEEK to go! However, on Monday after being on the monitors for twenty minutes and not contracting, my doctor decided it wasn't even necessary to check my cervix. He said he was sure nothing had changed and he will check it next Monday, but probably nothing will change by then either. Ha! So here we are just enjoying being off from work and able to attend the many end of the year school events.

Tonight I am meeting with my amazing eight girls-

We are meeting for dinner in Kandern and then will most likely be having our last small group. :( All of them are graduating and moving on to college.

Last week they took it upon themselves to have a "Small Group Spirit Day" in which they all dressed up preggie! It was too funny. They had signs on their backs with my due date.

We are prayerfully hoping to see Nancy tomorrow morning at Zurich airport if she makes her flight!

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  1. i love how the girl in aqua even has a little belly button protrusion!