Tuesday, June 15, 2010

May 29th

June 2nd, 2010 journal

"Katy Jo"- You were born on May 29th, your Papa's birthday! I was so excited to wake up on Saturday and feel my first contractions at six in the morning! We thought for sure my labor would have to be induced. You were just taking your sweet time getting ready and growing all that hair! When I saw my mucous plug in the bathroom, I thought, "Today is the day"- I knew it was a sign of true labor. I had a long shower and made sure to shave my legs and do my hair. I even put on waterproof mascara in preparation for a long night! I made sure Bo and Nancy (your G-mama) had everything we needed ready to go by the door. Your sweet daddy started right away timing my contractions. But it wasn't until 2 PM that we finally left for the hospital. I wanted to make sure I was in real labor and would not be sent back home. Also, I really wanted to wait until a decent hour to call your Omi and Papa with the news that I was in labor. I called my mom at about 6:45 AM with the news. Then I called each of your Aunties who had been waiting for the phone call for weeks! Before leaving, your daddy made a wonderful lunch for us- eggplant and avocado sandwiches toasted with mozzarella. Mmm... yum! On the way to the hospital, your daddy must have been so excited - he went the wrong way in Kandern, and was not on the right road for the hospital. Plus, he was driving quite fast. I had to ask him to slow down. It was all such an adventure we had been anxiously awaiting!


  1. I've been checking this blog everyday, waiting for a story just like this. Love it. Thanks.

  2. She is so beautiful!!