Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After a wonderful "date" with my husband eating our fav ice cream (Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch) in bed and catching up on Breaking Bad, I had the pure pleasure of sleeping on my stomach (or any darn position I felt like) without a tiny infant squirming around and snorting right next to me.

I credit my sister, Bonnie with our latest baby success... six hours in between "meals" and roughly five to six hours of...

beautiful sleep!!!

During our mini date Bonnie had been in charge of the lil' miss. She rocked her to sleep and then after a tight swaddle, laid her down in the over-sized chair where she could keep an eye on her. The plan was that when Katy Jo cried, Bonnie would bring her to us. However this never happened.

Bo and I both woke up close to 01:30 and could not believe that Katy Jo was not crying. In my head I was counting the hours of sleep over and over- 1,2,3,4,5,..6 hours! I thought for sure she was sick or something was dreadfully wrong. Yet, she was completely zonked. Yipee! Bo actually woke her up so I could feed her. I think I was so thrilled that I had trouble falling back asleep.

Looking forward to see how long our lil' bit sleeps tonight.


  1. Wooo HOO!! Yay for Aunt Bonnie! :)

  2. Impressive! Send her our way when we have little ones!!