Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I think I'm in love...

For the last week, Annabelle has made my job as Mama rather easy. Of course, we are up in the night about three times for twenty to thirty minutes, but I can't complain because after she eats, Tiny Bit goes right back to sleep. Remembering when Katy Jo was a newborn, I was up walking around the apartment, rocking, singing and patting like crazy all in the middle of the night to get her to go back to sleep and stop crying. This one is different. Maybe it's just because it's the first week, or maybe she really requires more sleep. Either way, she is a good sleeper and I'm loving it!


It's also taken her about a week to really get the whole breastfeeding thing down, and now I feel like we have bonded a bit more because I'm not as frustrated with it as I was in the beginning.


Annabelle's nose was squished in utero and it's been fun to see it slowly realign with her face. It's still a little off, but she is getting cuter every day. She has the same little button nose her sister has, but besides that she has her own beautiful little lips and eyes that I could stare at all day. She rarely opens her eyes though...


Last night she basically slept through her first bath. I thought she would scream for sure because it's a bit chilly here and I knew she wouldn't like feeling cold. But, she did amazing.


She has also put up with all the expected lovings from big sis... pokes in the eye, spontaneous and rough hugs, and loud noises right in her face. Its been so fun to watch Katy Jo's curiosity and love for her new baby. We love our new little bundle.



  1. How thrilled are we for new blogposts of all 4 of you plus Bonnie. So pleased Annabelle's transition into her new world is going so well and Katy Jo is loving her so. Have a wonderful Christmas together. We all love you and miss you all so much. But thankful we can communicate so easily. All our love the Formans.

  2. She's beautiful! So glad she is letting you get some sleep!