Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Months

On Sunday, after the rush of meeting lots of new people (and even enjoying someone new rocking Annabelle to sleep during Bo's Sunday school talk) I remembered that it was my baby's birthday. We've survived two whole months of waking up multiple times in the night, learning how to wash and stuff cloth diapers and juggle two very demanding little ones at the same time. With of course the help of GiGi and G-pa. We have in no way mastered any of this! And I must add, over the last two weeks we have also been blessed to enjoy our first glimpses of baby Annie smiling.
We are still somewhat uncertain what we will call this little bundle. Feel free to leave your vote in a comment below.
Annabelle? Annie? Or Anna?


  1. Annabelle for sure! I just love it!

  2. Yes, Annabelle for sure.

  3. Hi Leigh, so fun to see another blog post....with lovely photos of your beautiful little Annabelle. I vote for Annabelle:) Love Heidi x

  4. For sure it has to be ANNABELLE, why leave such a pretty name just to paperwork.
    Love from Jan in sunny Kandern.