Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Surprises

Sometimes I think to myself, maybe what all married women think, "I have the best husband."

In lieu of cereal, this morning I was called to breakfast at 7:45 and was surprised to see scrambled cheese eggs, a French pastry and hot chocolate (no more coffee for me). I would never wake up early on a school day to make Bo breakfast!

Then, once I was settled in at work the excitement started and I realized this would not be a quiet day in the Nurse's Office. For every period Bo had arranged classes to come sing "Happy Birthday" to me along with delivering a light orange colored rose (reminding me of my wedding flowers!) Luckily, there have not been too many sick kids, otherwise this would have been quite a disturbance. But, instead it has been really fun to see all the kids sing to me!

Bo spilled the beans and told me about his other plans for my Birthday, which didn't work out. Apparently he had a contact in Switzerland who rents out his place in the Alps for a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, he could not get in touch with him. It sounded amazing... a cabin up in the snow covered mountains, over looking a gorgeous lake. Wish I could say its just the thought that counts, but no can do. I really wanted to go. Hopefully it will work soon.

Tonight baby and me will enjoy Thai egg rolls, chicken curry and a mango saft! Can't wait!

I have one sneaking suspicion- I think we have turned into the couple from Modern Family who try to out-do each other with gifts. Oh well, at least my birthday comes second in the year!

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