Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bizzaro World

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Well, the crazy dreams have started. After a wonderful evening at Bo's 30th Birthday Party, I came home and for some reason was still famished at 10:30. I made myself a nice pickled sandwich to eat in bed and then because I was still hungry, begged Bo to get me something else to eat. I went to sleep with a full belly after my peanut butter toast. And then entered into the bizzaro world. Please don't read further if you are easily squeamish or easily saddened.

I was in labor somewhere, the baby was crowning and I remember yelling at Bo to get Liliane (my co-worker midwife) and a pair of scissors. I hate to say it, but during this whole dream Bo was, well, the opposite of helpful. He never came to my rescue. Anyways, I delivered my own baby, cut the cord and then due to the fact that my baby was not alive began CPR. It was pretty awful. Also, my baby was quite deformed. It looked like a little man with a huge nose, and uneven legs. I don't remember anyone else even being there. Until the next moment in my dream, when some nurse gave me another baby out of pity. I remember breast feeding this baby and thinking everything was fine. Until I started tapping on the baby and then asked the nurse, "Is this bamboo?" Which she responded, "yes." And that was it. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night.

I blame this dream not only on my crazy hormones and the in-bed snack, but also on my labor and delivery background. I have helped deliver still born babies of course and have performed CPR on struggling infants. But, this was the first time I was ever worried about anything. I do not usually think of these dreadful things and hope I will not again. But, the nightmare definitely wore me out for my day at work. I was exhausted!

Here is a picture of me before the nightmare (at Bo's party) - 16 weeks!


  1. You look great! The dreams are horrible! I feel like they go between wacky and sad. I think it's kind of when all of your fears that you don't really think about or talk about kind of come out. I hope you have gotten some good sleep since then!
    Miss ya!

  2. what a dream leigh ann! my goodness. i think you need a bonnie snuzzle nuzzle. i am on to your photoshop too! you're funny. i sure do love you.