Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Schwine wine

In my quest to return back to work I have spoken with my Obstetrician, whom I very much like. I will be so sad to have to tell him goodbye if we end up having to leave Germany in the next couple of months. I had planned on him seeing me through my pregnancy and his wife, a midwife, delivering our baby. Come what may.

I called regarding the Schwine Grippe which in the last two weeks has shown up at our school. I don't think I have the swine flu, but after having two rounds of a cold and still dealing with a sore throat and somewhat swollen tonsils, I am a little concerned. The other nurse I work with thought perhaps I could be tested for swine flu and see if I have antibodies against it and if not receive the vaccine. Which I have been waiting for, thinking that once I was vaccinated I could return to my position in the Nurses' office with less hesitation of some sick kid breathing on me. Yet, this all just went out the window after speaking with Dr.Aurnhammer. He said that swine flu is actually less dangerous than the normal flu, usually consisting of a cough that lasts three days. To my confusion, he also stated that the vaccine they have here is not recommend for pregnant women due to all the extra additives and possible allergic reactions. He said he would never give it to a pregnant woman. You have to understand that the vaccine we have here in Germany is different than the US. At this moment, I should not return back to work because "it is better to not get the virus than get the virus." On a positive note, he added that I should assess the situation and if it is getting better than I could return back to work, but not at this moment. aah!
"Lord, beer me strength."


  1. great blog wee. my all-time fav. thanks for taking the time. lymym

  2. new post, new post!! how is baby?