Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mutterpass Metaphor

I feel well taken care of here in Germany. I have stepped into the Deutsch world of health care via my monthly prenatal appointments. And so far, I feel that they are really on top of their stuff. The only problem is my lack of German vocabulary.

No, it has been great! And the most impressive thing is how efficient and organized things are. On my second prenatal visit I was given an important booklet, slightly larger than my passport and protected in a clear, laminated cover. My doctor gave me what all German doctors give their pregnant patients - a Mutterpass. Just the name of it enthralled me. I felt I had been given, in a way, my pass to motherhood. It was like a right of passage. I am to carry this booklet with me at all times, always having it on my person. It is my badge of honor, my secret good luck token, and at the same time it serves as my reason for countless excuses. I am pregnant!

Clearly, I have viewed my Mutterpass more on a metaphorical level, and this gives me great joy. However, it does also carry a slight medical role over the next six months. This Mutterpass contains all my prenatal info, including my blood type (O neg), all ultrasound measurements, my own weight, vitals, and so on. To my amazement, it even keeps a record of my STDs (or lack thereof!) It will be quite helpful if I'm traveling and have an emergency, or if I ever simply need to prove my current condition, say, perhaps, to the bakery I frequent for my latest obsession, a Salami Brotchen. As you can tell, I am thrilled to bits about my Mutterpass. If only it wasn't all in German. ;)

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