Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bring on the Pickles!

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I thank the Lord that Bo bought bread yesterday. As I write this I am enjoying my pepperoni and pickle sandwich! Often times I think of my dad as I make sandwiches because it reminds me of a childhood snack we would have - he would spread miracle whip on club crackers and top them off with ... well, it escapes me at this moment. Regardless, I love sandwiches and even though it's now too late to be lunch and still too early to be dinner, I'm having a sandwich for a snack! Yesterday, I had macaroni & cheese for a snack. I know, its not the healthiest, but we still have two whole blocks of heaven (Velveeta) so I don't feel bad about eating it whenever I want.
Yesterday was also the first day I've actually gone somewhere significant (other than the grocery store) in two weeks! You see, I've been quarantined. That is to say, even though I'm not sick, there are still sick kids floating around out there and I can't afford to come down with the Swine Flu. So, I've been doing some work from home and mostly just enjoying the last week with Bo home too. But, back to yesterday - we had been looking forward to our church's Christmas Bazaar ever since we helped out last year. It's like a craft show meets a flea market. There are lots of British Christmas things that I know nothing about - Christmas pudding that comes in a box? And beautiful paper crackers that you pop open on Christmas day? Plus they sell used ENGLISH books and DVDs! And that, for us Americans, is the best part about the Anglican Christmas Bazaar! Last week, while rummaging through all our support papers, I came across a sealed envelope from our mission with a US twenty dollar bill. Pretty much useless to us here unless we schedule another Ramstein visit. But, still, I was surprised and giddy - I had found money in the midst of our financial crisis! I told Bo that since we didn't have any extra money this month, he could use this twenty dollar bill at the bazaar as his spending money on books. We figured they would take it with their collection of Euros and Swiss Francs- no problem. And they did! Bo and I together bought about sixteen used paperbacks! So much fun for us (mainly him). We also enjoyed these German men dancing!
All in all, whether its pickle sandwiches, finding cash, or getting in the Christmas spirit, I am enjoying my pregnancy.

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