Monday, March 1, 2010

It's my turn

Wow, what a feeling. To be the patient laying in the bed having a nurse strap on the toco and contraction monitors is the strangest thing. I wanted to help her and point out exactly where she could find the baby's (my baby's!) heartbeat. But, I was just quiet and let her do her job. :) I tried to rest for the 20 minutes they had me on the monitor, but every time her heartbeat hit about 150 I recognized it as an immediate increase and turned to look, thinking to myself- good accel! My first "strip" was beautiful with good variability and no decels, or contractions for that matter. I was pleased, but missing my old job.

Today at the doctor's office, everything with little baby looked good. I think I could do better though. I lost weight since last month (strange). Only five pounds, but that can't be good. Also my hemoglobin continues to decrease every appointment. At the beginning it was 13.2, now its 10.5. So, I will try taking more Iron supplements and maybe asking Bo to make a few more spinach salads. At least this explains why I have been more tired than in my first trimester.

Also, I got a shot in my butt- Rhogam!

That's all for now. This mamma needs to get back to work!

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  1. is the rhogam because of your blood?

    and when you get a chance, read up on spinach as a source of iron... it is, but it can also somehow inhibit absorption. i don't understand it all because there are, apparently, different kinds of iron. also, sounds strange, but i think cooked spinach somehow offers more iron than raw. lymym