Tuesday, February 23, 2010

olive green & lavender

I have decided on two colors for our baby girl's room. There will not be a theme. There might not even be an actual nursery. But, if there is I would like Bo to paint it in someway olive green and lavender. If we end up having to live in a 1 bedroom it would still be nice to have new bedding for our borrowed crib.

So... I give you my top 4 bedding choices from Target. Some of the greens are not olive green, but still nice. Please leave a suggestion or vote on your favorite. Since I cannot actually shop with you... we will just have a cyberspace viewing. ;) I am hoping Kristen and Seth can bring the bedding over in their shipment when they arrive in neighboring Switzerland!

#1 Lady Rose
#2 Sumersault "Lauren"
#3 Isabella Lilac/Green
#4 Sumersault "Gumball"


  1. How exciting!!! Seth may be up for helping paint when you get settled in to your new place :) I think all of the bedding choices are so cute. My favorite is the first!!

  2. weezie... my favorites are lady rose and isabella. lady rose may be more olive than isabella - can't tell. but the ruffle on isabella won me over.