Monday, February 1, 2010

He or... she?

Well, I can't say, "I knew it!"
Bo is always telling people that I like to know things ahead of time and that I usually just have a gut feeling - for instance, when he proposed and so on. But, for the last 6 months I have been calling the baby a "he", thinking of all our favorite boy names, contemplating the ridiculousness of having to schedule a post delivery circumcision here in Germany, and thinking about how fun it would be to have the first grandson in the family! ha! This morning as I heard the words, "I'm 99% sure its a girl", I saw for my self the hamburger-looking thing (my sister had mentioned) which was surely not to be mistaken for any other unmentionable. I was a bit overwhelmed. Not really sad, but just surprised and then also I must admit that the gender determination of the baby really does add a whole new level to the reality of the situation that is upon us in 3 1/2 months. I'm going to have a little girl!


  1. We love little girls!!! SOOO much we love little girls!! We're really excited Leigh and I'm calling everyone I knwy. Sorry about whatever's making this a bad day at school. I hope we can talk later. lymym
    Thank Heaven For Little Girls...

  2. Ahhh!! So excited!!

  3. How fun!!!!!!! Jackson needs a German girlfriend to spend long weekends with and she is a perfect match! You are going to be such a great mommy to that sweet girl in your tummy. Before you know it you will be posting pictures of her, all pretty in pink! Love ya!