Monday, May 23, 2011

hello monday

after much time away... I am back. still loving my role as mommy and finding so much joy in all of katy jo's wonderful new skills and developments. I am so thankful for her. We are continuing to trust God to see us through this difficult time of Bo's never ending foot saga. As of today, we are here, in the hospital, until at least Thursday. Then his foot wound will be reassessed. Today I am reminding myself of all things good.

hello beautiful warm weather. the view from this room is amazing. we can see vineyards, and mountains in france.

hello officially selling the car today (changed over the title, soon will be dropping it off and seeing the money in our account!)

hello watching Modern Family with Bo and laughing

hello (daily) kaffee und kuchen service at the hospital ( I love german cake!)

hello my beautiful baby girl turning one this week!

hope you guys are finding goodness in today as well.
happy monday to you!

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