Monday, April 11, 2011

hello monday?

hello monday?
it does not feel like a monday around here because...
wait for it,
yippee :) Bo is home with us, and after a fabulous weekend away with friends in gorgeous Switzerland, having an extended weekend with the hubby is almost too good to be true.
But, I am keeping it real, following after my friend, Gillian, and I must admit it's not all sunshine and flowers around here. Yes, it is beautiful outside, but this whole mommy business is hard. This morning I dashed down to the pediatrician here in town for our 10-month checkup. However, I wasn't going to let the doctor give Katy Jo her "jabs" because she is already uncomfortable with this ongoing diaper rash. I was relieved that we already had this appointment lined up, because after our last appointment on Wednesday, the diaper rash has not improved. Basically, the doctor said that it is still a fungal infection and that I must keep applying the ointment three times a day, airing out her bum, and if it doesn't improve by Monday, we have to return. I will do my best. It was a difficult appointment for Katy Jo and I both - I didn't have time for breakfast, had to pee and got peed on twice! Katy Jo was due for her morning nap and didn't know what was going on.
All in all, we survived.
So, to sum up...

hello Spring Break
hello diaper rash

that is all.

how about you?


  1. Hello monday (and tuesday..), sleep deprived and emotionally hungover from dNow high school boys being at my house all weekend

    Hello too-quiet house

    Hello piles of laundry

  2. "I say Good Morning to the sun. Good Morning to the hills. Good Morning to the chickies and the hen. Good Morning to the rooster. Good Morning to the cow. Good morning to the piggies in the pen. I say good morning, good morning to everyone in sight. And when I am finished, it's time to say Good Night." (sorry your "Hello to..." reminded me of this song I used to sing with my little students.!!! Love and prayers!!...and may music fill your life!

  3. Can you update your blog please!!! I love reading it and feel deprived of your adventures with KJ! Can't wait to see you on FRIDAY!!! xxx

  4. Your fans miss you. You have been gone far to long. I can't stand it. Post something STAT.