Friday, April 1, 2011

Around Here

Ok, around here we take a lot of video clips of our "little miss." We love her so much and don't want to miss a thing!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to bring Katy Jo to work with me. Not too many jobs allow for that, huh? I don't want to mix baby with nurse's office germs... but once in awhile, if I'm careful and keep her far away from all the kiddos that walk in, it's okay.
Ms.Jan has all her own kids in town, so she had the day off. ;)

This is a short clip of Katy Jo plus I tried to give you a tiny peak of the office. I did have one student resting so I couldn't show you all of it. It was raining outside, so that is why you see students running (to class) into the other building. Also, you can see the beautiful blue curtains that Nancy made!

Also, if you're really bored, this is a slow (but super cute) video of our little "purse snatcher."
And last but not least, today I ran to grab the camera after Katy Jo showed me that she knew how to share. (Please excuse the super closeup angle- agh double chin! I need a tripod!)

thank you, to you all, for keeping up with us!


  1. that was great! thanks for posting the sweet videos. :) xoxo. aunt B.

  2. What a little doll!