Friday, March 25, 2011

I've got skills

So glad Katy Jo enjoys being outside as much as I do. Today we enjoyed a lovely lunch out on the balcony. Caught a few seconds of her practicing her new skill. Clapping. So cute.

We've already tried out her new Spring outfit from Miss Jan and it's precious. Today definitely feels like Spring. We have been finding new hiking trails all around. They are super close. On Monday we broke in Bo's "new" (for Christmas) hiking baby carrier. It was really comfortable and Katy Jo loved being so high and being able to pull mommy's hair. ;) Next time we will take our camera along to capture some gorgeous shots for you.


  1. Oh, how I love these videos! She looks so cute in her spring outfit from Mrs. Jan. Her hair is getting longer. Before you know it she'll have pigtails. :)

  2. Very cute video:0) I'm liking the new background to your blog site. Love Heidi x

  3. Leigh, she is absolutely adorable.

    I love how in love with her you are.

    I miss you so much, we should skype soon, okay?

    -Becca Brown

  4. Um the best part was her talking!!!! She is such a doll. I just can't say it enough! What a lemon squeezy!