Wednesday, March 9, 2011

another first

on sunday my mamma took me to my first real french flea market. my favorite miss jan sat right next to me for the whole drive. she entertained me with dozens of funny little songs. I just love when she sings and does all the hand movements.
when we arrived we were greeted with a beautiful enterenace to the centre ville- a huge drawbridge. I was carried across but soon was comfortably riding in my stroller where I can see everyone.
miss jan pushed me all around while my momma shopped for treasures. soon I had had enough of the cold and was so sleepy. I made it very clear that I would sleep... but only in the baby bjorn.
after a short snooze I woke up and was in a great mood. I was ready to keep shopping! I was on the lookout for cool vintage toys. but, I didn't bring any money.
so I was forced to look at vintage linen, old postcards & letters, and fun books for mamma's art projects.
after shopping, they finally remembered to change my diaper and feed me. from there we drove up the hill to find a beautiful picnic area and an amazing view of the city of Belfort.
photo taken by Heidi

It was a gorgeous day but super windy and cold. my little nose is still recovering. all in all, I agree with my mamma- it was a fabulous day. on the drive back I snoozed while listening to miss jan chat. so lovely.

really so fun. check out more pictures here.
photo taken by Heidi


  1. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day, Katy Jo!