Monday, March 7, 2011

hello monday

super excited about this week, just a lot going on. :)
first of all, hello daddy. so glad to have Bo home after being gone for the weekend. and looking forward to him cooking tonight.
hello spring weather... lots of birds chirping away all day right outside our windows. feels like we live in a treehouse sometimes
hello second week of art class~ already obsessed with making girls and quotes and backgrounds.
hello bonnie coming this week!!! (well, early sunday morning)
hello my little "top model"


  1. I think she must get cuter very day. Have a great week. I know you can't wait for Bonnie.

  2. Yes, isn't this spring weather gorgeous....I love how you described your house like living in a treehouse, what a lovely thought;0) and what an absolutely precious photo of your little Katy Jo! Love Heidi

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW... I think is the right word to use for this incredible photo! You're doing such a fantastic job of documenting the growing beauty of your little girl! She's such a stunner! xxx