Sunday, March 20, 2011

our sweet bonnie

This past week was so full. We tried desperately to squeeze in adventures, cuddling time, "girl-talk", home made meals and so much more. Bonnie was here and we wanted to show her a good time. Unfortunately, one week vacation from her stressful job in the ER is not enough time. Yet, we are still so thankful that she came. So many good memories were made. She is, for sure a trooper, convincing us that she was perfectly fine to sleep in Katy Jo's room- with her! Of course, we didn't plan for this, but as our futon couch is in the nursery and we do not have a guest room, it made sense. She just snuck in every night using her I-pod as her night light. In the mornings, she was awoken to little baby babblings. What a good sport. :)

The highlight of the trip was enjoying the all you can eat chocolate room with our dear friend Kristen at the Cailler Chocolate factory in Switzerland. Oh my, we had fun! Felt so good and silly to just admit that we were okay being "those Americans" who lingered and attempted to try each and every chocolate. Really special time with the girls, Katy Jo included.
Bonnie and I also thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the thermal baths. We jumped right in to join the water aerobics class and from there worked our way to the warmer outside pools. The steam floating off the water outside created an amazingly relaxing and somewhat mysterious atmosphere. Good sister chats that night.
Yesterday we tried to cram in a whole day of shopping in Frieburg and ended the evening by meeting up with Bo and Heidi for Mexican. I will give the Germans credit for trying. It was good but the "queso" was beyond questionable. Regardless, it was an enjoyable night out.
This morning I drove Bonnie to the airport around 5am. It was sadness mixed with an overwhelming sense of anxiety about when we would see each other next. In Texas? Florida? Or maybe somewhere else that has yet to be determined. Ugh.
In the meantime, I am thankful for this past week of wonderful memories. Especially the one of Bonnie twirling in circles while holding Katy Jo in the quaint cobblestone streets of France.

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  1. Great times- what an adventure and what precious girls!!