Monday, April 4, 2011

hello monday

"hello monday" is back by popular demand. just kidding. but I did have one request so that should count.
today we are doing a lot of spring cleaning around here. by "we" I mean Katy Jo and me. Bo lucks out again with the excuse of teaching/coaching every day. really though he is much appreciated. last friday he had Katy Jo for three hours at school so I could take a break and check out a second hand store in France. then after coaching, he came home and whipped up a delicious meal (plus brownies!) so here is what Katy Jo and I are saying "hello" to this morning afternoon.

hello april!
hello raindrops on my window.
hello teaching miss Katy Jo not to screech (so loud)
hello five more days until we get Bo home with us all day (spring break!) hope he is as excited as we are. ;)

hello to spring cleaning motivated by some very special visitors.

hello pajamas- all day! this never happens, but considering our busy weekend I'm going to go ahead and say it's allowed.
hello to throwing out junk, dusting and trying to get this house mold free!

hello to warmer weather to show off Katy Jo's cute little legs again!

and hello beautiful flowers everywhere!

what is everyone saying "hello" to this Spring day?


  1. hello to the promise of rain that only lasted 5 minutes.
    hello to more precious pictures of Katy Jo
    hello to my FAVORITE daughter-in-law!

  2. Hello to Hello Monday on Leigh's blog. I look forward to it every week!!

    Hello to a new week and our fav visitors coming for the weekend...we are thinking homemade ice cream with thin mints stirred in?!

    Hello to shopping at Aldi Suisse with 2 American boys at 5 pm...not a positive experience!

    Hello tons of tulips ready to open up around our yard!