Monday, October 17, 2011

Virginia is for families

Family time, here we come...
Upon finding out that Bo had another "interview" up north, I scheduled a trip for my mom's sixtieth birthday celebration around the same time as Bo's trip. Little Bit had to be included in the festivies, of course, and I wanted her to get in some more cousin time. Katy Jo and I stayed for almost two weeks in my sister and brother-in-law's place. It was a crowded house - my parents had already been houseguests for over two months while they looked for their own place. Steph and Ryan were both super great hosts and put up with four kids under one roof.

Unfortunately, my mom's birthday was a somewhat chilly and overcast day. Well, that didn't stop us.
We went ahead with the birthday plans to go on a fun walk around the Great Falls, and then enjoyed a picnic complete with Bonnie's chicken salad sandwhiches, chips & dip (yum!), fruit and a special German Chocolate Cake which Omi's oldest granddaughter, Lizzy, helped bake.
It was a fabulous time with the whole family there, minus my Bo. The sights were gorgeous and the kids were all well-behaved. I was so happy to be a part of it!
The rest of the time was definitely all about the kiddos. We had park dates, tons of play time and loads of delicious meals with kids screaming (mine!).

One morning, Steph and I went out - just the two of us - and devored fresh bagels with tons of cream cheese. This has been an ongoing craving of mine since returning from Germany, where bagels were scarce. After this special breakfast, we spent the next few hours having sister time, shopping and running errands. It was perfect.

The best part of the trip was getting to watch my baby play and interact with her family. Lizzy and Ruthie wanted desperatly to play with her, which was difficult since she is still little and only knows so many words. She spent lots of time in the playroom, backing up into Aunt Bessie or Omi's lap. Papa spoiled her with two of her favorite things - watching her own videos on Youtube and taking long baths. I think she had a ball! Every morning, we woke up in the basement and she practiced saying her new word, "Upstairs!" She knew that was where the people were.
DSC_0133It wasn't until the very last day, while we were on our way to the airport, that Katy Jo finally said, "Papa." So cute. I keep practising everybody's name with her and hope to be up that way again soon.


  1. So sweet. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!

  2. So great to see these photos of your recent family get together....sounds and looks like it was a really special time. That little Katy Jo is growing so fast:) Heidi x

  3. Miss you! Love you!