Thursday, October 13, 2011

new skin

On November 19th, 2010 I received a phone call at home from Bo informing me that he had hurt himself. He told me that while playing goalie in a soccer game with his Personal Fitness class, he came down wrong on his foot and now it was swollen and painful. His friend, Dan, took a closer look and recommended he take a trip to the ER. I didn't think much of it and just went along. It was our first trip to the Müllheim ER and I had no idea it would be one of more than a dozen to come.

November 19: cast placed

Christmas 2010: home in Houston - seen by Orthopedic doctor. Cast removed. Bone still completely broken. Told by US doctor, "I would have scheduled you for surgery as soon as you injured your foot. This bone rarely heals by itself."

January 3: Boot and ultrasound therapy
(Bo was also in a car wreck while driving back from the doctor's office)

April 12: surgery including shaving part of tibia bone to place on broken foot bone and metal plate bolting everything together

May 12: London field trip - swelling begins, limps into walk-in clinic

May 15: returns home with severely infected foot - back to Müllheim ER, admitted into hospital

May 16: early morning surgery (removed extensive amount of infected tissue as well as the metal plate) Doctors discuss risk of bone infection. Prescribe wound vac x 2weeks while in hospital

May 17-June 1: Daily trips to the hospital, at first with Katy Jo and then rescued by mother-in-law who came as support for two weeks

May 29: Bo allowed home for 2 hours for Katy Jo's first birthday.

June 1: June 14: biweekly trips to the ER for regular check-ups and re-wrapping of bandages.

June 4: Stevie and Jenny visit and help us pack for our shipment home.

June 14: Last Müllheim ER visit. German doctors suggest a skin graft because they do not believe new skin will grow. We decide to have procedure done in the States.

June 28: Return to the US

June 30: Seen by Wound Care doctor in Austin, TX. Schedules skin graft surgery on July 14

July 13: Surgery cancelled

New Skin Growth!

Sept. 28: foot officially declared healed!

Went running this morning!


  1. Praise the Lord!! Great post! Miss you guys!

  2. how INSANE is that?? what a wild time for him. Gosh!
    and I'll say it again - God's timing couldn't have been more perfect for us arriving in Germany! :)

    Love you!