Tuesday, August 16, 2011

summer time

I definitely have some catching up to do in terms of Katy Jo's latest little accomplishments, which, by the way, we treasure around here. There is nothing more exciting than witnessing your daughter learn how to do something new or perhaps attempt to say something new right in front of your eyes. We are loving it!

Our last week was filled with great times visiting my grandparents (Poppy and Aunt Jan). We quickly noticed all the new little things Katy Jo learned from her Aunt Jan. For instance, she can now fold her hands together, signaling that it's time to pray (she does this multiple times during any meal time or snack, so we know she's extra-spiritual). We also enjoyed watching her wave and get excited to see "Sparky," the stuffed elk, anytime we went up or down the stairs. Our visit to Houston was also a fun time to see old friends. :)

Now we are back in Buda, still playing this game called the ministry job search. Meanwhile, Katy Jo is entertaining us with her "mean face." This is a combination of a frown and upward eye movement, or sometimes she even rolls her eyes. So funny!

Almost every day we go swimming, and this has been so exciting just to see how fearless she is in the water. It's a little scary, but we are keeping a close eye on her.

More summer accomplishments to come...


  1. Love, love, LOVE the mean face!!! Too cute!!!

  2. way cuter than MY mean face..

  3. food for the heart! thanks for posting. so cute

    aunt bons

  4. thanks for posting!! I love the "WOW". She has such a sweet little voice, and those eyes!! I love how she can turn it off and on!! Give her a kiss from us!

  5. Haven't checked your blog for some days so was delighted to see more animations by Katy Jo. She's a real charmer with her willingness to do as you ask. Love and hugs to Katy Jo from Miss Jan xxxxxx