Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 more months

As most of you know by now, we are expecting another little one in December (surprise!) Last week we had our first prenatal appointment here in the US. It was nice to actually be able to make conversation with the nurses, ask questions, etc. My good friend, Jenny, had recommended the OB doctor to me and I was very pleased. She was super nice and understanding. Plus she had some good insight on our future decision between having another vaginal delivery or cesarean. Glad we have time to think about that.

We have about five months left of being our little family with just Katy Jo. To me, this is the biggest thing I think about when contemplating the new baby. The fact that my precious Katy Jo will soon be a big sister and not the little baby. This, for good reason, makes me a little bit sad. In my own controlled plans, I had envisioned loving just Katy Jo for quite some time, giving her all of our attention and well, basically just spoiling that little cutie. :)

I hope this new blessing will not automatically require Katy Jo to grow up quicker. And I also plan on trying my very best to show equal love to each baby. No favorites here. I'm sure once the new baby does arrive, I will be overwhelmed with plenty of love to go around. But, for now, I'm focused on my only child. :)


  1. KJ is going to be a wonderful big sis. The wonderful thing is from day 1 she won't even remember life without the new little bit! Can't wait to meet that little one and continue to watch KJ grow!

  2. I remember experiencing these thoughts when I was expecting Heidi, but still marveling at the preciousness of Esther and wondering if I would have enough love to share with a new baby. But it was only to find that God has built into our natural mothering instincts to be flooded with more love than you can imagine that you have enough to cherish each one of the babies you have and your hubby too. Missing you, love from Jan