Saturday, March 17, 2012

Words, Words, Words

Though most people might not be able to decipher all Katy Jo's babbling, her dad and I have a grand time listening to her cute little language. We understand her most the time and it's so fun to be able to communicate. Just yesterday she learned three new words: "doctor," "sick," and "shrimps." Pretty much sums up our life around here. We are battling round two of RSV with Tiny Bit (the Pediatrician seemed confident that we are in the worst of it and about to turn the corner.) And, last night, Bo whipped up a fabulous spicy shrimp pasta meal for us.

So yesterday I decided it was high time to document the crazy amount of words Katy Jo spits out everyday (I'm allowed to brag on my own blog).

I'm suddenly feeling overwhelmed by how many there are and realizing I should have done this months ago (when I was in the middle of having a baby?)
OK, here are my favorites:

"A-bell" or Annabelle
"Hold you" meaning hold me
"Soup" and "toast"
"Mac" which could mean either Max & Ruby or macaroni & cheese
"Pise" for surprise
"A-fwise" for outside
"Bes" for (Aunt) Bessie
"Fli-fla" for Chick fil A (this might have been her first word! Ha!)
"Fli-fla" can also mean flip flops
"Huck," "Sadee," "Mol" for Molly and "Grace" for Gracie
"Boo boo"
"Moodie" for smoothie
"Is OK"
"Omo" for Omi
"Work" and "Church"
"Two" (her favorite number)
"No" (her all time favorite word)
"Ni Ni" for night night
"Ba" for Bonnie
"Saw" for sorry
"Choo Choo"
"Oh Toodles!" and "Ot Dog!" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

There's plenty more to share, but I'll save those for another day.


  1. I'm telling you, she's gifted! She knows how to communicate! Gigi

  2. P.S. You left out, "Oh, no!"