Monday, April 16, 2012

Four Months

This past weekend we set up another mini photo shoot (at home) for our latest little beauty. Annabelle is now a four-month old! With that we are seeing more and more pudge. I think she is chubbier than Katy Jo ever was. And she is trying to really talk to us. Over the last month she has learned to blow raspberries and get spit all over herself. For which Katy Jo gets really worked up: "Mama, bubbles!"

Annabelle is making all kinds of different faces and is really adding some sass to her tiny personality. Recently, she and I have enjoyed some alone time as Katy Jo started Mother's Day Out. This was a super sad day, but I try not to dwell on how sad it is and instead just dive into all the extra stuff I can get done without two little ones around. It's also nice to give lil' Annie one on one attention. Something I think both girls deserve. It is Bo's and my plan to start allowing for this in our busy schedules.

Here is Annabelle Joy at four months and Katy Jo on her first day of Mother's Day Out.


  1. They are adorable!!!! I love the photo shoot pictures- what sweet cheeks:)

  2. Too precious for words!

  3. Glad to find a new post and see such cute photos of Annabelle, love her girly dress with the smocked yoke.
    Much love from Jan xxxx

  4. You have the most beautiful and precious little girls anyone could ask for! Love them both so much!