Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fix You

After assessing where my sweet little Katy Jo tore through me, it was confirmed by a friendly young Doctor, that my repair was not done properly and now needs to be redone. Ugh. How often does that happen? And as I remember back to the delivery, I can picture myself squatting on that little stool with my midwife in front of me asking me to give her two more good pushes. Despite being medicated with IV pain meds I had enough common L&D sense to quickly ask for an episiotomy. Well, Dagmar (my German midwife) did not think this was necessary and explained that they don't regularly do episiotomies today in Germany. After being up in stirrups for an hour for the repair and losing enough blood to make my Hemoglobin drop to 7, it was a rough recovery. I will not scare you with the details, but let me just say... I had more trouble with my stitches during recovery, I could not sit, walk, or even turn in bed without a great deal of pain. The head OB doc had to reassess my stitches three days after delivery, and I screamed out in pain as I reached to pull his hand away. Something was wrong, but at the time we thought it was due to a hematoma, or maybe the stitches were too tight, or perhaps because in Germany they don't hand out Vicodin after you deliver. I was given various homeopathic remedies, but no actual narcotics for the pain. But, none of the docs saw anything wrong with my repair.
So... I am not casting any blame. However, in Germany they will not induce you until 10 days after your due date. Technically my due date was May 19th, so Katy Jo arrived exactly 10 days later at 8.2lbs. Had I been induced as I had requested she may have been a tiny bit smaller. But, I also must say I didn't cut back on the banana splits at this point either.
All this to say, I have a wonderful Physician, a young woman who I felt very comfortable with. The minute she saw my repair she knew it had to be redone and she went in search of a mirror to show me. On her way out the door she patted my shoulder and said, "we can fix this." I held back tears thinking how relived I was to have lucked out with this doctor.
My mini surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday and in the meantime I will be storing up mommy milk for Katy Jo and listening to Cold Play's Fix You.


  1. Oh Leigh, I'm so sorry to hear this! I will be praying for you. I hate that you have to go through the recovery process again, but ptL that it can be fixed!

  2. leigh, i will be praying for you! are you in the states still? love you girl!
    ~simone :o)