Wednesday, August 18, 2010

smooth recovery

So... I know I am due for a follow up blog updating you guys on my status post-surgery. Rest assured, I am doing well. We are well stocked around here with my donut pillow, Dermoplast, Dulcolax, pads, ice packs, Darvocet and everything else a girl might need to survive a surgery like this. And for some amazing reason (thank you God) I have had no significant pain so far. Quite unbelievable. But, I guess compared to my first go around this should be pretty smooth. I'm taking it easy around the house, spending lots of time in bed. I feel like Bethany and Jill before the breakup when they spent the summer in the Hamptons--- in bed (except my bestie is currently Katy Jo). I've been feeling so good, I even managed a lil' photo shoot. Enjoy!



  1. love, love, love the photo shoot... and I am SO happy to hear you are doing well, friend. :)

    Keep the posts coming! I love reading your blog. :)

  2. So fun! Keep taking pics like this , I love them!

  3. What a sweet little photo subject!! That's great news about your surgery going well. And I really appreciated the Real Housewives reference-- from one bed lounger to another!! Love ya!