Friday, November 19, 2010

bad news/good news (a little bit of both)

deep breath... that's what I keep telling myself. Today was long! It started off like any other Friday, except I was pretty excited to check out a new craft store up the mountain. (I'm planning a lil' craft for my upcoming girls weekend- can't wait!) So I was just chilling around the house waiting for Katy Jo to wake up from her nap so off we could go. Hmm, instead I get a phone call from Bo in which I hear what I hate hearing from him: "I have bad news." I might add that he uses this phrase a lot so there is no telling how bad it might be. He prefaces everything negative with it. Yesterday evening we were walking home from school together and he said, "I have bad news." To which I replied, "ugh, what now?" And he answers, " I have a lot of grading tonight." Well, that's no big deal, whatever (especially on Thursdays when I look forward to watching my show and just hanging out by myself while Bo's small group is doing their thing in our living room.)

Ok, well today he calls and after using his normal phrase, he tells me, "I think I broke my foot."
Long story short, he did fracture something and is now sporting a bright blue cast up to his knee. Brilliant. I will spare you my list of reasons why this makes my life more difficult. I'm sure you can imagine. So let me just say for the next 6 weeks I will be taking deep breaths and reminding myself that the house doesn't have to be spotless and I'm not required to make a meal every night from scratch while also entertaining Katy Jo.

On a happier note, I have a fun weekend ahead.

Tomorrow morning is our church's annual Christmas Bazaar!! (YAY!!!)
And then we are helping at the dorm the whole rest of the weekend!

Oh, and I have good news. ;)

I have the most beautiful baby in the WORLD!


  1. Such a bummer that happened to Bo. Glad it wasn't worse. Sure do love me some KJ!

  2. Gracious goodness! What next?
    Precious sleeping babe!

  3. as to the bad news... oh no!!!

    the good news... yes, she's absolutely beautiful.