Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mommy Notes

Not much going on around here. Today Katy Jo was with Jan for a half-day while I worked. Even though I LOVE having a break, I miss her when she is away. And then it's like I can't squeeze her tight enough (sounds scary I know, but don't worry.)
She is really becoming my little snuggle bug. I love it! She likes sitting in my lap and playing with my hair, necklace or anything she can reach close by. Sometimes when she is tired, she lets me hold her while she just snuggles. It't the best. Here we are last week catching up on America's Next Top Model.



  1. precious...I hope she'll be willing to give me a snuggle or two at Christmas!

  2. so cozy. so content. not all of them are snugglers. you got a good one.