Monday, January 17, 2011

Kaffee und kuchen?


Yesterday my friend Heidi invited me to coffee in a village named Staufen... I joined her for a lovely drive through the countryside (on a gorgeous sunny day) and we pretended we were German by copying their Sunday custom: a walk followed by coffee and cake. Who wouldn't want to do that? I had a generous slice of Schwarzwalder kirschtorte (Black Forest cherry cake).

Here is my favorite shot of an old castle ruin in the village. There are more- here.
(too many shadows, but still, I like it)

On another note, we have survived jet lag! Last night Little Bit slept through the night again! Now on to teething. Katy Jo has one little white pearly poking through on the bottom. She has been fussy on and off. But, we are slowly getting back into our routine here. I start back in the Nurses' Office Wednesday afternoon. Can't wait to back in the loop at BFA!

Today Katy Jo wore her new outfit (from our landlord) which made her look like a cute cuddly brown bear. It came complete with a hoodie, hat and my favorite, mittens joined on a string.

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