Monday, January 31, 2011

hello monday

hello sick mommy and teething baby, here come lots of tears and rocking baby to sleep

hello laundry still drying on racks from the weekend

hello new coffee grinder- flea market find yesterday!

hello staying in all day and turning up the heat

hello sneaking in time to work on crafts

hello Steph's recipe for ham and gruyere potato gratin

hello favorite blog (Lisa Leonard) and inspiration for this simple and fun post

hello winter monday

what are you saying "hello" to this fine day?


  1. love this post.. hope the turned-up heat keeps your toes warm.. and I hope you get to feeling better and getting lots of craft time! :)

  2. Hello to temperatures in the 70's in Texas....but tomorrow it's supposed to change! Cold weather is coming.

  3. I just discovered Lisa Leonard's blog & jewelry site today! Love it!!!