Thursday, February 3, 2011

my two front teeth

Yesterday Katy Jo refused to take a nap at Miss Jan's house. It wasn't until 4pm, once I had arrived to "fetch" her (trying to sound British like Jan) that she zonked on Jan's shoulder. So cute. :)

Well, today she took a beautiful nap. She slept from 2:30pm till when Bo and I both arrived for her. So pleased. I think she is on the up side now that her second top tooth has broke through the gum. Here she looks rather strange, but you get the idea.

DSC_0009 copy


I know it's really not the cutest picture, so here's a better one.
one of the few with her mouth closed


  1. Oh my, she's growing up so fast!

  2. the third picture, with her little lips pursed tight, might be a response to what she had to endure for the first two shots. sure do love that sweet girl!

  3. haha! so so cute! love her big eyes!