Monday, February 21, 2011

hello monday

it's here again... monday and this time it's bringing rain, sleet and snow (can't make up it's mind)

hello brand new week with new expectations

hello new nephew (James Ryan was born three days ago!!!)

hello messy kitchen after lunch guests yesterday (which was super fun, especially with my two sous chefs)
hello new art project. yay!

hello to missing the people I know and love deeply

and hello to leftover potato soup (trying to end on a happy note)

please tell me~ what are you saying "hello" to this morning?


  1. hello to missing the movie with Red Hats
    hello to a dead car
    hello to missing Skype with Katy Jo
    hello to a new busy week with the bad stuff obviously behind me :)

  2. hello I35 drive home from Dallas!
    hello bridesmaid dress shopping in Waco!
    hello sleepy little boy from all the travels!

    missin' you too! :)

  3. well... it's night here now.. but here we go anyway!

    hello to a 5am-up-and-at-em 12 hour work day
    hello to a beautiful beagle who is happy to see me no matter what
    hello to wearing a mask at work because I refused the flu shot ;p
    hello to continued stress about a certain situation
    hello to ending the day with a free massage.. sigh