Monday, February 14, 2011

hello monday

Hope you are all enjoying this silly (but fun) "love holiday." I am remembering a past Valentine's day spent with my dear friend, Kristen House. We were in Burkina Faso and had saved two Dr.pepper's (which I think we had packed and brought all the way from NY) and somehow also had some peanut M&Ms. It was a grand celebration for sure. I remember we both thought it was so sad and silly. But now, looking back it is the best memory ever! Here's to Kristen House (pretend I'm toasting with some bubbly) who is at this very moment in Mali - actually, in the bush by herself learning Bambara. Really hoping she is enjoying a small piece of chocolate or at least enjoying a meal of chicken and peanut sauce. Happy Valentine's day!

hello gorgeous weather (yay!)

hello screaming baby standing up in your crib during nap time (any suggestions?)

hello finding sweet little love notes all over the apartment this morning

hello double date this evening (so looking forward to it!)

hello "love day"

what are you saying "hello" to on Valentine's day?


  1. Sweet baby!

    Loved your hello question...answered it on my blog! :)

    Love You!!!

  2. Oh Leigh - I love our valentine's day memory!! I think of it every year too! I was thinking of it while I was in the bush, but alas I didn't have you there to "celebrate" with and there was no dr. pepper or m&m's to be had. Miss you tons! P.S. your little miss is growing up so quickly! She's adorable!