Friday, October 1, 2010


I think I’m happier now, with this little someone we have created and have to enjoy in our life. There is something strangely familiar about being a mother; I don’t know what it is. It's like God imbeds this little fabulous micro chip into your brain once you’ve given birth and it pushes you on to do everything you do for your little one. And most of the time you don’t even realize what you are doing. Its like it was always there.

I love that we have a routine now. We have lived in our new apartment long enough to find our favorite spots. Mine has to be in bed in the mornings after Bo brings her to me and she has eaten and then she is so happy to just lay next to me and talk and look around at everything she can see. It’s the most precious thing in the world. It’s our time to look and stare at each other. I tell her she is perfect and beautiful.

Last night was not perfect. As we are having an 8-year old houseguest for a couple nights while his parents are away. Katy Jo has been sleeping through the night now for over a week. It’s wonderful. At around 7:30pm she fell asleep without a fuss in her pack n’ play- in our room. Our visitor was all set up to sleep in the nursery. Well, around 9:15pm I hear that she is awake. This was not planned for. And Bo was sure it was because she wasn’t in her crib. So we did a little switcharoo and poor Ethan ended up in the living room so our baby could continue her good sleeping routine in her own bed. We endured about 30mn of her screaming after I had fed her again just because and moved her back to her crib. This was pretty upsetting for Bo. He thought for sure we had ruined the routine and all our sleep boot camp training would be a waste, we would have to start over. It’s almost 10am and she is still asleep. She slept through the night just fine after our tiny little glitch. She is so good.

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