Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Candy For Me

The house is crazy dark and has been since about 5:30pm. I'm home alone (well, with a sleeping baby, so she doesn't totally count) while Bo takes a much needed break and plays soccer with the guys. I've been catching up on my new fav blog.

To our surprise, today was daylight savings- fall back. So tonight when I put Katy Jo to bed, her room was already dark. I had to turn on a little light and this of course caused a whole new glow to her fun room. So she just had to look all around instead of eating. So precious.

I've been sick, really sick. Last friday I caught a cold and just when I thought, "Oh, poor Bo, he can't breathe through his nose and he is sick, but I'm feeling better,"... well, then I got sick again! And this time it's in my chest. I've been having trouble sleeping just because the wheezing and coughing keep me up. It's awful. I'm a bit out of sorts with being sick, taking naps and now the time change.

If it wasn't for my aMaZING husband, I don't know how I would survive. These past two days have been a major bummer since we had to cancel our plans to visit Bern for the long weekend. Instead of chilling with Kristen and Seth, Bo has been taking care of me. Yes, that means breakfast in bed. Actually, let me back up. When Katy Jo wakes up at 7am, Bo brings her to me to feed her, and then these last two days, he has taken our adorable but loud, squealing baby out to the living room and plays with her while I catch some more z's. So wonderful. Bo has been making all the meals, bringing me tea (and occasionally ice cream), and basically just doing everything in his power to help me get better. I am so thankful for him! He is the best!

Looking forward to next year, when we are most likely in the States and can participate in the fun of dressing Katy Jo up for Halloween and yes... one day trick or treating. :) We did put her hand-me-down costume on today just for laughs.


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  1. So sorry you have been sick! :( I know the feeling.. I caught a bug (or two or three... ) from Nocona's kids this weekend and it hit me BIG TIME at 0830 Halloween day. I couldn't keep anything down x12 hours. :(

    No Halloween at Casa Helm this year , alas.