Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let The Countdown Begin...

In less than two months I will be enjoying my peanuts and cranberry juice on my flight back HOME for a whole lotta...

silliness with Bonnie

and all together, sister bonding

and right up there with family time is my mom's traditional Christmas Eve spread. Which I've always looked forward to helping with and... well, eating. Some of my best Christmas time memories are of this night. It's when, after attending the Christmas Eve service, we all come together to prepare a pretty spectacular array of finger foods and we open the gifts from our Aunt Mary. Its perfectly wonderful. For the past two years I've missed it.
So... again, I say, let the countdown begin...

to the Christmas Eve spread...
Christmas Eve Dinner

to playing with my nieces...
Doll House

to eating homemade Christmas cookies...

to taking a family portrait...
The family

Its coming, its coming... that time of year that words cannot explain. I have past memories of not being able to sleep at night for the excitement of gift opening was too much to contain. Oh and the Cinnabons (now Crepes?) and stockings.

These days the excitement lies in knowing that soon all my family will be together. And it will be good.


  1. Yall's Christmas Eve traditions are so similar to what we do... so much fun and such yummy food! : )

  2. wow! that spread looks radical. :) thank goodness for family traditions!

  3. I love this post! I can't believe there's going to be two new little girls in the picture this year!!