Thursday, September 9, 2010

The "fabler" room

Little Katy Jo's nursery has come a long way. From first being a school aged boy's room and having to totally move stuff around- we demolished one piece of furniture (permission was given from the family who is renting us the apartment for the year) and having to find new homes in other parts of the apartment for other various pieces. The room is now really starting to look cute. It is still a work in progress and is difficult to get much done when a three month old constantly wants to nap in it. But, here is what we have so far...
this is KJ so enjoying her new mobile- thanks to Bonnie for making it awesome!

the view out the window above the crib

trying to make the walls colorful since we didn't end up painting. the cute clothes line with pics is from my dear friend Heidi.

close up

the rocking chair I'm borrowing from Jan (plus the pillow I made- see the Strawberry?) and soon I hope this corner displays the cute canopy that Kristen is bringing!

here you can see how the curtain over the shelves turned out (on the right)

just for fun

one more smile

More to come soon- once I hang my "project pictures!"


  1. So cute Leigh! You're so resourceful! Love you and that precious baby! :)

  2. everything in the room is absolutely precious, especially the one who is so precious to me.

  3. well, that is the cutest darn nursery EVER. and i've never seen a more beautiful baby smile. :) more, more MORE! keep those pics coming! Can't wait to see the house in person!

  4. So cute, Leigh! I love it. I am dying to hop in the car and bring all of your loot! I need to take a picture of your mountain of stuff to give you hope that it's coming. Now to find the car! I think it's in Geneva on it's way here?!

  5. LOVE it! She is getting so big! Katy Jo is one luck girl to have a such a great room and wonderful caring parents. Can't wait to see her room in person!

  6. The room and the little one in it are precious!!!!