Sunday, September 5, 2010

Katy Jo Strawberry

Well this is actually a post that should have been done months ago, but I'm just now getting the video loaded. Back when we were visiting both Bonnie and Steph in Virginia, Katy Jo was given the most fabulous strawberry party ever in honor of the name Lizzy had wanted to give her- Strawberry. I guess because this was her chosen name, for awhile Lizzy and Ruthie were calling her Katy Jo Strawberry. Which sounds so cute coming from a little two year old. Hoping to have a video of Ruthie saying it soon. Anyways, Steph and Bonnie threw this fun party the first night we arrived. We ate Steph's very own home-made vanilla strawberry cake with chocolate ice cream. There were pink balloons including a large strawberry balloon. And I even had gifts to open, most of which went perfectly with the strawberry theme. So cute and too fun! Of course Katy Jo Strawberry slept through the entire thing, snug in her sling with Aunt Bonnie.

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  1. loved the video and all the little people. big ones, too.