Friday, September 3, 2010

Roll Over, Roll Over

Since arriving back in Germany, today is the first day Katy Jo and I woke up to no Gigi. It is a sad day. This morning real early Nancy left for her return flight out of Zurich back to Austin. She came specifically to help me fly with the baby, which I might add would have been not only impossible but reason for insanity by myself. Thank you Nancy for subjecting yourself to changing time zones twice in a matter of four days. We love you.

While Gigi was here we were anxiously awaiting Katy Jo to perform her next big milestone. I'm told this is the exciting... roll over! She came so close, really she did. She would turn and lay on her side and we would wait for it and then she would somehow always end up rolling back the wrong way. I think her little arm gets in they way. All this to say, Gigi had a cute little song she would sing and basically these last few jet lagged days it got stuck in my head. The only part I even know is - roll over, roll over. I would be in my room getting dressed or eating breakfast and I would listen as Gigi sang this song encouragingly to Katy Jo as if prompting her to reach this next milestone.

Unfortunately she never did, not while Gigi was here. But I guarantee when she does I will have my video camera in hand and will be singing the only lines of Gigi's song I can remember. Roll over, roll over.

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