Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Neighbors in Switzerland!

Ok so I've missed a few days worth of uploading pictures on here. But, for good reason...
we were in Bern Switzerland!
For over a year now, through all our fundraising ups and downs (and not knowing if we could return to Germany), we have held onto the dream that Kristen & Seth would move to neighboring Switzerland... and they have. This past weekend was at first surreal. The drive was so gorgeous you can't complain that its an hour and a half away. We saw beautiful mountains, cows with big bells around the necks, and a hot air balloon taking off right in front of us. It was amazing! When we pulled into their driveway it felt strange, as we had scouted the place out for them back in May when my belly was about to pop. But this time they were living in the huge three story house!
Kristen has done a super job of getting all their stuff organized as well as decorating almost every room in the house (I guess you can't really do too much to a bomb shelter room). So very good to see these guys in their new home! We know they will soon be meeting tons of interesting people and making friends for life there. We are so happy to have them close by and are anxiously awaiting for them to come check out Kandern.

The littles on our way out to see the farmer's market.

Farmer's Market




flowers for sale




fuzzy greens


Jackson loved helping out with Katy Jo.

Here is the one picture of Owen and Katy Jo when Owen isn't trying to devour her ( I think its love at first sight )
The Littles

Plus.. we got all our loot. Thank you Stephanie! And thank you Kristen for hosting the mail-in-shower and a big thank you to all of you who sent Katy Jo a gift! We are so thankful and have everything we need for her. Love you all!


  1. These are great pics!!! Love seeing all the Littles! Picture #5 (from top) looks like an Allison Daniel display! :) Lol!

  2. love all the pics, Leigh. Can't wait to knock around Europe with you :)